Cylinder Head Repair - Easy At Stamps

That cylinder head you are needing to have worked on will be an easy fix if you bring it here to Stamps Auto Machine shop.  The mechanics of the cylinder head often seems a bit complicated, however, it is simply the part that closes in the top of the cylinder, forming the combustion chamber. This joint is sealed by a head gasket. In most engines, the head also provides space for the passages that feed air and fuel to the cylinder, and that allow the exhaust to escape. Cylinder head repair is one of the most common tasks a mechanic performs. Cylinder heads can warp, crack, leak….all sorts of issues can be traced back to the heads. Luckily, cylinder heads can generally be restored by cleaning, resurfacing, porting and polishing the surfaces of the head to a like new condition.

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Engine Rebuild / Exchange

Is your engine just flat wore out?  Suffering from the loss of power and performance?  Costly deferred maintenance worries adding up?  Motors are just like anything else, eventually they wear out.  Trust the professionals at Stamps Auto Machine in San Tan Valley.

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You've Dreamed About it, Get Your Custom Engine Built

A dream come true!  Whether you dreamed about it as a kid or grew up around it, there’s nothing like the thrill of owning and driving a hot rod. The smell of the burning rubber and high octane exhaust is enough to make any gear head stand up and pay attention. At Stamps Auto Machine, we make dreams come true. From modern day speedsters to the muscle cars of yesteryear, we rebuild and customize motors of all kinds. Thinking of how much more power that super charger will add? Find out! We’ll get you in and out in time for the Friday night drags.

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Engine Rebuilding: A Beginner's Guide Pt. 3

As we covered previously,  when it comes to rebuilding cylinder blocks, machine shops use the complicated factory prescribed torque sequence which the lay-man may be unaware off. The sequence is commonly followed in three steps and requires apt knowledge of a professional for smooth conduction. Because if you don’t have the knowledge it can be very dangerous to your life. Another important gear you need for rebuilding engines and cylinder blocks is appropriate and high tech eye gear. If you hunker down to take a close look to see whether your machine is running, you will confront microscopic metal shards that may give a hit to your face Doesn’t it sound scary? Only professionals in a mechanic shop will be aware of the proper use of such protective gears. Well, you only have two eyes and you can’t afford to lose them by taking the engine rebuilding and cylinder blocks process all by yourself.

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Engine Rebuilding: A Beginner's Guide Pt. 2

As we covered previously, engine rebuilding needs a number of specialized tools like bore dial indicator, gauge fowler, piston pliers ring compressor etc. and only a handful of non professionals can afford to access them. Your garage may lack the essential accessories to seamlessly wrap up the complicated work of rebuilding an engine. Without the necessary tools, you may end up doing more damage than good. So, we always recommend professional help to take care of all your rebuilding needs while you sit at home happily sipping a cup of coffee.

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