Engine Rebuilding: A Beginner's Guide Pt. 1

If you need engine rebuilding in San Tan Valley, make sure you contact a professional machine shop. Engine rebuilding is a complicated and detailed process that mainly includes the replacement of the piston rings, short block assessment, reconditioning of the cylinders for a top shape engine. In the process of rebuilding an engine, it will be taken apart and then all the individual parts will be inspected and worn items will be replaced. Once it is done, the parts again will be put back together to rebuild an engine that adheres to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) engine specifications. The most common components that need replacement include bearings, rings, gaskets, timing chains, seals, oil pumps and the valve springs.

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When Will You Need a Machine Shop in San Tan Valley?

When will you need a machine shop in San Tan Valley?  When simple auto repairs won’t be sufficient!

Let’s Start  With  Engine  Rebuilding Why is engine rebuilding necessary?  Well, an engine is the most heavily used component of your car. When you combine the forces of heat, vibration, and movement, after a while, an engine can not only break, it can start to wear down to the  point of being unable to work right. When you get to that point,  you are going to need so much more than a few spark plugs and a new air filter.  Your engine must be disassembled and then reassembled with new parts in place of the worn components. But how can you tell that you need to schedule an appointment with a cylinder head rebuild shop in San Tan Valley?  An engine or cylinder head that needs to be rebuilt has several tell-tale sign

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Is It Time For An Engine Rebuild?

If you’re starting to hear strange noises coming from your engine, head over to your auto shop and ask for professional engine repair assistance. If you let an engine problem go on to long without taking care of it, you may be looking at more than a simple engine repair—an engine rebuild!If you are looking for quality machine shop in San Tan Valley, then find our dedicated shop.

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Reconditioning Services

Cars today put up with more than every before. Even daily driving around town or on the freeways can seem like an Indy 500 event. In Arizona, with the high summer temperatures, a vehicle’s engine is taxed to the limits everyday. Techological advances have come a long way in extending the life of engines. As the performance of engines increases so does quality of engineering in them.

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Above and beyond!

They are awesome! I hate going to mechanics like most cause it's hard to trust them, but Wayne goes above and beyond to build that trust. I was really impressed. - Leanne T.

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